EBF Nominations

EBF Nomination Terms and Conditions

Summary of the terms and conditions for EBF nomination of horses sired by stallions which stood outside the EBF Area and were not registered as an EBF International Stallion

  1. Definitions 
    • EBF means European Breeders' Fund.
    • EBF programs' means the racing and premium award programs of EBF.
    • EBF nomination payments' means payments in accordance with paragraphs 5 and 6 below.
  2. EBF eligibility
    Subject to receipt of EBF nomination payments nominated horses will be eligible to participate in the EBF programs as fully as if they were eligible under EBF rules and regulations.
  3. Duration of eligibility
    Horses which are EBF nominated will remain eligible to participate in the EBF programs for their racing careers without further payment or qualification.
  4. Entry in EBF restricted program races
    EBF eligibility does not guarantee that any horse will be allowed to start in any EBF program race or will be allowed to enter any such race without payment of entry fees charged to all participants in such race.
  5. EBF nomination payments
    The amount payable by or on behalf of the owner to nominate a horse is as follows: Either
    • $600 to be paid on or before May 31 in the calendar year following the horse's year of birth;
    • $3000 to be paid on or before February 15 in the second calendar year following the horse's year of birth;
    • $6000 to be paid on or before June 30 in the second calendar year following the horse's year of birth.
  6. Procedure for EBF nomination payments
    • Any payment (no part payments accepted) may be made in US dollars, or in sterling/euros at the exchange rate with the US dollar in force on the date when the payment is dispatched to the EBF. Please apply to the EBF Office, Newmarket, for the exchange rate in force.
    • Any payment of $600 may be sent to EBF at either its UK or its US address.
    • Any payment of $3000 or $6000 may be sent to EBF at its UK or US address.
    • Any payment made by check (or other means) will be deemed to have been made on receipt of the check (or other means) by EBF provided that the check (or other means) is subsequently honored on first presentation.
    • A horse will become an EBF nominated horse 14 days after payment of the appropriate amount in accordance with paragraph 5 and this paragraph 6. Any payment which is not made strictly in accordance with these provisions will be ineffective and will be returned to the payer.
  7. EBF postal addresses
    European Breeders' Fund
    Lushington House, 119 High Street,
    Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9AE, England
    Tel. No. (44) 1 638 667960
    Fax No. (44) 1 638 667270
    European Breeders' Fund
    C/O Nicoma Bloodstock
    2816 Bowman Mill Road
    Lexington, Kentucky 40513, USA
    Tel. No. (859) 224-8597 Fax No. (859) 224-8977
  8. EBF Co-Ordinating Agreement
    This is a summary of the relevant terms and conditions, but in the event of any inconsistency between this summary and the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement, the Agreement will prevail.
  9. No refunds will be made except at the absolute discretion of the Committee. The Committee shall be under no obligation to give any reason for its decision, and no decision of the Committee shall create a precedent for future decisions.